Should Chesapeake, Virginia be a Second Amendment Sanctuary City?


Virginia Beach City Council December 3, 2019 at 6 PM 2401 Courthouse Drive, Building 1, Virginia Beach, VA

To speak at the Virginia Beach City Council meeting on Tuesday 12/3/19 regarding this issue you may preregister to speak by calling 757-385-4303 or arrive early and register to speak at the meeting. This item is NOT on the agenda and you will need to request to speak during non agenda items. You will have 3 minutes to speak. You may also email city council at

Chesapeake City Council December 10, 2019 at 6:30 PM

Chesapeake city council will vote on whether it should become a second amendment sanctuary city on Tuesday 12/10/19 at 6:30 PM. To speak at city council you may pre-register by calling 757-382-6151 or by arriving early (by 6:15 PM) and registering on paper to speak. You can also email city council your thoughts at

Second Amendment of the United States Constitution

Right to Bear Arms

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

What is a Second Amendment Sanctuary?

A Second Amendment Sanctuary county is one that indicates its intent to refrain from using public funds to restrict Second Amendment rights. If a state law was passed that impeded on the 2nd amendment the city is basically indicating that they may not enforce it. The idea stemmed from the sanctuary cities that were choosing not to enforce immigration laws.

SB16, SB18, SB64, SB70

Virginia has several bills in various stages involving the legislation of firearms, which has lead to over 20 Virginia Counties becoming Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties.

Senate Bill 16 SB16 can be summarized in an article from Ken Perrotte. “Modern, semi-automatic sporting rifles or even small semi-automatic rimfires and shotguns with features like thumbhole stocks or pistol grips–features that, ironically, make the firearm safer to handle—would become illegal.” Proposed by Senate Majority Leader Richard Saslaw (D–Fairfax)

Senate Bill 18 SB18 according to the same source “would make it a felony to leave loaded, unsecured firearms where anyone under age 18 could access them. This bill also contains a bombshell provision that makes it a crime for anyone under age 18 to use a firearm without adult supervision. ” Proposed by Senate Majority Leader Richard Saslaw (D–Fairfax)

Virginia Senate Bill 64 – SB64 & Senate Bill 70 – SB70

Sen. L. Louise Lucas

Virginia Senate Bill 64, Senate Bill 70, and Senate Bill 71 were introduced by Senator L. Louise Lucas. SB64 seeks to amend Virginia code 18.2-433.2 Paramilitary activity prohibited.

Senate Bill 70 involves the transfer of firearms via private party sales. A person who sells firearm to another person without obtaining the required background check would be guilty of a Class 6 felony. Senate Bill 71 involves adding the verbiage of “public, private, or religious preschools and child day centers” to existing legislation. You can view some of the legislation she proposed including SB36 advocating for casino gambling on Ballotopedia.

Senator Lucas represents Senate District 18, which does include part of Chesapeake.

She has been in office since 1992 and has run unopposed since 2003, including this past November 2019 election where she raised $143,782 in donations.

According to she has received $1,236,797 in campaign donations since 1996. Her top donors include Dominion Energy, VA Hospital & Healthcare, Medical Society of VA, VA Trial Lawyers Assn, VA Bankers Assn, Charlie C Trotter, VA Dental Assn & Verizon. Her office phone number is (804) 698-7518 and her email is:

Proposed legislation involving firearms include HB 2, HB 9, SB 16, SB 18, SB 35, SB 64, SB 70, SB 71, SB 75, and SB 76. You can view all pending legislation via the Virginia Legislative Information System website.

2A or Not 2A – That is the Question

There are several different proposed bills at the state level which have the potential to impact a variety of aspects of gun ownership which complicates the issue. Citizens have a variety of opinions regarding the issue overall. Watch the previous Chesapeake city council meeting from 11/28/19 which lead to getting this item on the agenda. The citizen speakers on this issue start at 2:00:00 this link. Councilman Robert Ike Jr makes his comments around the 3:06:02 mark.

Chesapeake City Council member Robert Ike, Jr. remarks on why he is supporting this issue in the video below. He remarks that he would instantly become a felon due if some of the proposed legislation was passed. He reflects on his military service and sworn oath to protect the Constitution of The United States as well as his oath to protect the Constitution of the state of Virginia as an elected official.

We live in uncertain times and the news has flooded us with images of gun violence including the horrific local tragedy in Virginia Beach. People want their children to be safe at school. Citizens who are against creating a second amendment sanctuary feel that it undermines the ability of the representatives they elected to do the job they elected them to do.

Second amendment sanctuary advocates are fighting to protect the United States Constitution and their legal right to bear arms. Current gun owners could instantly become felons if certain pieces of legislation passed as proposed that ban weapons they now legally own. They advocate that guns save lives and do not want restrictions on their ability to protect and defend themselves. The second amendment was enacted by our founding fathers to protect us from a tyrannous government.

The key is whether or not the any of the proposed legislation would “infringe” on the constitutional right to bear arms. Furthermore if someone was charged as felon due to the changes in regulation, it would then in turn impede their right to vote.

In Suffolk, Virginia a citizen video has been going viral for his compelling views on the issue.

Sic semper tyrannis is a latin phrase on the Virginia state flag literally translating as “thus always to tyrants.” “It is a shortened version of “Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis“, which translates to “Thus always I bring death to tyrants”. Virginians are and have always been truly passionate about their second amendment and protecting the United States Constitution.


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Make your voice heard on the issue by contacting both your CITY and STATE elected officials!

Chesapeake City Council

Who is My Legislator

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