There are a total of 10 different ballots within Chesapeake for the November 5, 2019 election as it depend upon which Senate district and House of Delegate district you reside in.

Double check which districts you are in and your voting location by following the steps below as there were changes recently.

Step 1: To view your sample ballot, you first need to check which precinct you are in within Chesapeake by clicking the city link below. Then click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner and enter your address:

Step 2: Then check the page below to see which sample ballot is for your precinct. Make note of name and address of your polling location (under the precinct info as Chesapeake changed several of the voting locations recently.

Your sample ballot will tell you tell you which district you are in and the candidates running for office. Information on the candidates is below. You may also visit WHO IS MY LEGISLATOR and enter your address to confirm, which districts you are in. 

Polling places are open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Election Day.  Anyone in line at 7:00 p.m. will be allowed to vote.


Virginia Beach

Find your precinct in Virginia Beach:

Sample ballots for Virginia Beach:

Senate Races

State Senate District 5

Spruill vs Staples

For the first time in 24 YEARS there is actually an opponent in this race!

Cities in District 5 include Chesapeake & Norfolk.

Chesapeake Precincts: Camelot, Crestwood, South Norfolk, Oscar Smith, Geneva Park, Georgetown, Gilmerton, B.M. Williams, Indian River, Norfolk Highlands, Oaklette, St. Julians, Johnson Park, Tanglewood, Carver School, Providence, Westover, Parkways, Sunray, Jolliff, Riverwalk, Fairways, Georgetown, Green Tree, Cypress, Expressway

Senator Lionell Spruill Sr. – Democrat – Incumbent since 2016

(Virginia House of Delegates from 1994- 2016)



Senator Lionell Spruill Campaign Donations

Senator Spruill’s has raised over $300,000 and top donors include Dominion Energy, Appalachian Power Company, Virginia Bankers Association, VA Auto Dealers Association, Verizon, Tidewater Builder’s Association, Virginia Maryland & Delaware Assn of Electric Cooperatives, and Va Cable Telecom Association.

Jeff B. Staples – Independent



Jeff Staples Campaign Donations

Jeff Staples has raised less than $5,000 and is primarily self funded with a few individual campaign donors. He is deeply concerned about how large corporate donations are impacting the decisions of our elected officials. He has been a vocal advocate against the Dominion Pipeline Project.

State Senate District 14

Cosgrove vs Raveson

Cities included within District 14 include Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Franklin, Southampton County & Isle of Wight.

Chesapeake Precincts: Great Bridge, Bethel, Churchland, Deep Creek, Greenbrier, Bells Mill, Grassfield, Hickory Grove, Indian Creek, Jolliff, Chittum, Fellowship, Oak Grove, Silverwood, Sunray I, Hickory, Bridgetown, Bailey Creek, Lake Drummond, John T. West, Pleasant Crossing, Bells Mill II, Waterway, Coopers Way, Shipyard Road, Clearfield, Fentress, & Poplar Branch.

John A. Cosgrove Jr. – Republican – Incumbent since 2013

(Virginia House of Delegates from 2002- 2013)

Website: Unknown


Campaign Donations for John A. Cosgrove Jr

Top campaign donors include Dominion Energy, Virginia Natural Gas, Verizon, Virginia Bankers Association, & Hearndon Construction Corp.

Rebecca E. Raveson – Democrat


Facebook: Unknown

Campaign Donations for Rebecca E. Raveson

Becky Raveson is concerned about the environment and wants to see Dominion responsible for cleaning up the coal ash in Chesapeake. She believes in the power of proactive solutions like educating students early to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and does not support the extreme views on this issue. She sees potential for Virginia to revitalize it’s economy with hemp production.

State Senate District 18

Lucas (Unopposed)

Cities included in District 18 include Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Franklin, Greensville County, Sussex County, Emporia, Brunswick County, Surry County, Isle of Wight & Lunenburg County.

Chesapeake Precincts include: Nansemond & Pughsville.

Senator L. Louise Lucas – Democrat- Incumbent since 1992

Campaign Donations for Senator L. Louise Lucas

Top donors include Dominion Energy, Va Hospital & Healthcare Association, Medical Society of VA, VA Trial Lawyers Association & VA Bankers Association.

House of Delegates

House District 21

Convirs-Fowler vs Kane

Cities in House District 21 include Chesapeake & Virginia Beach.

Chesapeake Precincts include:


Del. Kelly Convirs- Fowler – Democrat – Incumbent since 2018



Campaign Donations for Del. Kelly Convirs- Fowler

Top Donors include House Democratic Caucus, Forward Majority Action PAC, Democratic Party of Virginia, Win Virginia & Mid-Atlantic Laborers’ Political Education Fund.

Shannon D. S. Kane – Republican



Campaign Donations for Shannon D. S. Kane

Top Campaign Donors include
Colonial Leadership Trust PAC, Knight for Delegate – Barry D , Lead Coastal Virginia, VSA Resorts & Kotarides Developers LLC.

House District 76

Jones vs Jenkins

Chesapeake Precincts:

Nansemond, Pughsville (split w/ District 79)

Del. S. Chris Jones – Republican – Incumbent since 1997



Virginia firefighters were angered with Delegate Jones for his role as chairman of the appropriations committee involving a bill for health coverage for first responders battling cancer. Another recent story also shed light that a pharmacy owned by Del. Chris Jones was among Suffolk’s biggest buyers of opioids.

Campaign Donations for Del. S. Chris Jones

Top campaign donors include Va Beer Wholesalers Assn , Va Hospital & Healthcare Assn, Va Wine Wholesalers Assn, Wynne, John O, Hampton Roads Business Roundtable, Dominion Energy, Va Transportation Construction Alliance, Virginia Realtors & Va Natural Gas.

Clinton L. Jenkins – Democrat



Campaign Donations for Clinton L. Jenkins

Top Donors include House Democratic Caucus, Democratic Party of Virginia, Bills, Michael D, The Way Ahead, Win Virginia & Mid-Atlantic Laborers’ Political Education Fund.

House District 77

Hayes (Unopposed)

District 77 was one of the one the House of Delegate districts in Virginia to undergo significant changes. Click here for a map of redistricting.

Chesapeake Precincts:

Crestwood, Greenbrier, South Norfolk, Oscar Smith, Georgetown, B.M. Williams, Indian River, Norfolk Highlands, Oaklette, Johnson Park, Tanglewood, Carver School, Providence, Westover, Parkways, River Walk, Fairways, Green Tree, Cypress, Clearfield (split w District 78).

Delegate C. E. “Cliff” Hayes Jr. – Democrat – Incumbent since 2016


Facebook: Unknown

Campaign Donations for Del Cliff Hayes Jr

Top Donors include Virginia Realtors, Va Dental Assn, A & W Utility Contractor, Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, Va Beer Wholesalers Assn, Va Wine Wholesalers Assn, Home Builders Assn of Va & Dominion Energy

House District 78

Leftwich (Unopposed)

Chesapeake Precincts:

Great Bridge, Bells Mill, Geneva Park (split w District 81), Gilmerton, Hickory Grove, Indian Creek (split with District 81), Oak Grove, Hickory, Bridgetown, John T. West, Pleasant Crossing, Coopers Way, Shipyard Road, Expressway, Clearfield (split with District 77), Parker Road, Centerville & Poplar Branch

Del. James A.  “Jay” Leftwich, Jr. – Republican – Incumbent since 2014

Website: Unknown


Campaign Donations for Del. Jay Leftwich Jr.

Top Donors include Basnight Kinser Telfeyan Leftwich & Nuckolls PC, Va Trial Lawyers Assn, Va Beer Wholesalers Assn, Va Wine Wholesalers Assn, Virginia Realtors & Va Bankers Assn.

House District 79

Heretick (Unopposed)

Chesapeake Precincts:

Churchland, Fellowship, Silverwood, Taylor Road, & Bailey Creek (split w District 81)

Delegate Steve E. Heretick – Democrat- Incumbent since 2016



Campaign Donations for Steve Heretick

Top Donors include Stephen E Heretick PC, Zeer, Nidhal, New Va Majority, Mid-Atlantic Laborers’ Political Education Fund, Verizon & Heretick, Steve.

House District 81

Knight vs Myers

Chesapeake Precincts:

Bethel, Camelot, Deep Creek, Geneva Park (split w District 78), Indian Creek (split w District 78), Jolliff, E.W. Chittum, St. Julians, Sunray, & Bailey Creek (split w District 79)

Del. Barry D. Knight – Republican – Incumbent since 2009



Campaign Donations for Del. Barry Knight

Top Donors include Va Beer Wholesalers Assn, Va Wine Wholesalers Assn, Dominion Leadership Trust, Dominion Leadership Trust, Dominion Energy , Va Bankers Assn, Virginia Realtors, A & W Utility Contractor & Va Natural Gas.

Lenord T. Myers II – Democrat



Campaign Donations for Len Myers

Top donors include Future Now, The Way Ahead, Tiffany Turner, Len Myers, & House Democratic Caucus.

Clerk of Court

Alan P. Krasnoff – Unopposed

Website: Unknown

Former Mayor of Chesapeake Alan P. Krasnoff is unopposed as Clerk of Court which he was elected to in 2017.

Campaign Donors for Alan Krasnoff

Soil & Water Conservation Director Virginia Dare District

Vote for not more than two candidates… and there are exactly two candidates. The Virginian Pilot explained more about the role of this unpaid position in a recent article ” is to administer a state cost-share program for farms. Six directors control the program, which has strict guidelines and is key for better managing stormwater and runoff. It serves partially as flood control and also reduces the pollution flowing into other bodies of water. “

Soil & Water Conservation Website

Vickie J. Greene – Incumbent



John H. Pierce – Incumbent

Website & Facebook unknown. According to the Soil & Water Conservation website John Pierce was appointed fulfill a vacant elected directors position.

Odd Year Elections VS Even Year Elections in Virginia

At the state level, the Virginia General Assembly consists of the Senate (4 Year Term) and House of Delegates (2 Year Term) that are elected on odd numbered years. Within Chesapeake, we have three different senate districts, and five different House of Delegates districts.  At the state level, you are required to live in the district that you want to represent. All three senate seats and all five House of Delegates seat will be part of the the November 5, 2019 election.

It is interesting to note that the dates of the majority of our state and local elections do not coincide with the Presidential election in 2020 making it critically important to vote in these smaller elections.

A Look Ahead at MAY and November 2020

In addition to the November 2020 Presidential election, there will also be a May 2020 election in Chesapeake. The May 2020 election in Chesapeake will have the Mayor, 3 city council seats and four school board seats on the ballot. You can view more information here.

The November 2020 election will also include a US Senator seat, two House of Representatives seats, and the highly paid state state constitutional officers: Commonwealth Attorney, Sheriff, Commissioner of Revenue, and Treasure. You can view more information here.

If you appreciate all the information complied in this post, please share on your social media and help educate and encourage voter turn out! TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE CHESAPEAKE!