David Schleeper for Chesapeake City Council – 2 Year Position

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David Schleeper is a life long resident of Chesapeake, Virginia.  He is a Professional Engineer and holds his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and his Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. However, it is the time that he spend on his grandfather’s farm in Chesapeake that has influenced him to become an outspoken advocate for responsible growth and preserving and protecting our agricultural heritage.

David Schleeper in The News

Term limits referendum effort falls short in Chesapeake- The Virginian Pilot – January 31, 2018

“Despite falling short , Schleeper said it was a good showing for an entirely grassroots effort not organized by any political party. Twelve thousand signatures is meaningful,” he said, adding that part of the group’s motivation was to generate more interest in local elections.

“I think we made a difference, and I expect to see a bump in turnout on Election Day.” Read full story on The Virginian Pilot.

Chesapeake man starts petition on term limits for locally elected officials – Wavy 10 Report – October 12, 2017

“A petition circulating around the City of Chesapeake asks citizens if they would like to see a question about term limits added to next year’s ballot.

27 years, 23, 19 and 11 are just some lengths of time Chesapeake city council members have spent in the office.

They are years David Schleeper wants to shorten.

“I’m from Chesapeake, raised here since I can remember, grew up on a farm. This is my town and I feel like it’s just gone to a group of people basically to a good ‘ole boy system,” Schleeper said. “I want to disrupt that and give it back to the people.” See full report from Wavy 10 on October 12, 2017


Chesapeake School Board unanimously votes to approve attendance zones – Channel 3 WTKR – October 30,2017

“David Schleeper said the orchestra pit at Hickory High School has been flooded since the last school year and is affecting students’ safety. He also added the football stadium at Great Bridge High School is condemned, with black mold in the students’ lockers. Schleeper said both of these are issues that should have been fixed by now. He’s proposing term limits for elected officials and started a petition to get it on the ballot.” See the full story on Channel 3 WTKR.


Chesapeake residents concerned about plans for solar farm – Wavy 10 Report – May 3, 2017

“Similar concerns are shared by licensed engineer and Chesapeake resident David Schleeper. He started a petition asking city leaders to create a long term plan for renewable energy.

“I’m interested to see what solar has to offer,” Schleeper said.

Neither man is against the idea completely, but they have serious concerns about the amount of space proposed to be consumed, the impact on open space in the city and the overall long term effects of the thousands of solar panels.

“It’s well known that solar energy is not cheap to create so if we start getting more and more of these created and more of our energy is created from solar electricity what’s that going to do to our utility rates long term?” Schleeper asked.” See the full report on Wavy 10 from May 3, 2017.


Chesapeake residents voicing concerns over city’s vision for “mega-site” on farmland – Channel 3 WTKR – February 20, 2017

“City council will vote now vote on a resolution to amend the city’s 2035 comprehensive plan by revising the land use plan, to identify a portion of the Frank T. Williams Farms properties for commercial, industrial, or similar non-residential designation, such as light industrial/logistics on August 15th.

In summary, this means that city council could change their city’s vision to include a plan for 25% of the 4,000-acre farmland to become a “mega-site.”

“We’re just continuing on the same path we’ve been on that hasn’t been successful,” says David Schleeper, another resident. See the full story on Channel 3 WTKR on February 20, 2017.

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