Welcome to Political Insanity in Virginia!

Given all the recent political controversy, the state’s slogan of  “Virginia is for Lovers” has now been dubbed “Virginia is for Losers” courtesy of the New York Post. First Governor Northam admits that he is in a racist photo from 35 years ago, but quickly realizes that it is not him as people lobby for his resignation .  He then admits to entering a dance contest, dressed as Michael Jackson, and using black shoe polish on his cheeks.  The truly bizarre part of that story is that he claims to have actually won the dance contest.

The political insanity has at the very least yielded some comedy gold including Governor Northam looking around for a spot to moonwalk during a press conference but was unfortunately stopped by his wife. Rumor has it that he may be a contender to perform at next year’s super bowl.

Among those to quickly call for Governor Northam’s resignation was Attorney General Mark Herring.   Ironically days later, he admits that when he was 19 years old that he dressed up as the rapper Kurtis Blow and used “brown make up” when doing so. Both of these events occurred a decade prior to Ted Danson’s infamous black face incident in 1993 while dating Whoopi Goldberg.  Once the Northam controversy broke,  CNN apparently decided that Democratic Governor Northam had switched political parties and subtly broadcast that he was now a Republican.

These politicians are now labeled as racists, but at the very least we can say that they both shared a common bond of musical appreciation of the black artists they inappropriately imitated. Ironically, President Obama was once criticized for not having enough hip hop on his playlist.

Unfortunately, things are not looking much better for the African American Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax who is now facing allegations of sexual assault.  Among the first African American leaders to call for Northam’s resignation was Congressman Bobby Scott.  Congressman Bobby Scott also took a strong stance during the Kavaungh hearings stating in a Facebook post on October 5, 2018 that “the White House did not allow the FBI to conduct a fair and thorough investigation into Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s claims or other credible allegations of sexual misconduct against Judge Kavanaugh” and encouraged all his colleagues to reject Kavaungh’s nomination. Sadly there is now a second sexual assault allegation against Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax.

The Virginian Pilot has now published an article stating the very same Congressman Bobby Scott was aware of the sexual assault allegations against Justin Fairfax as early as 2017. Clearly, this is a carefully chosen double standard on his part.  To compound the complexity of these issues, this Congressman is also involved in a relationship with Chesapeake School Board member Patricia King, who was involved in the “blacks only” Golden Rod ballot issue in May 2018.  Perhaps it is time for him to resign too.

At this rate, our state expects to find enough dirt on every elected official to request their resignation by the end of next week. This includes our local politicians like Chesapeake city council members who can not stay awake during heated public hearings and our Mayor who threatened a citizen’s career for sending an email. With all the possible proposed resignations,  it is an alternate solution on how we can change the date of our elections.

No One Left To Run For Office

We quite literally have politicians loudly shouting for other politicians to resign… only for the public to discover that those politicians have done the same or worse.  It is as if all the doors blew open at once exposing a graveyard of old skeletons in in a series of closets.  With the prevalent use of cameras, social media and one-sided news stories, it is doubtful that we will have any human being capable of being an elected official within the next few years.

Just in case you are crazy enough to consider running for office, you can click here and see a few of the positions that will be coming up for election in the next few years.  However, this is Virginia and some the districts are in the process of being re-drawn due to a gerrymandering situation where several precincts were found to be racially divided stacking African American voters in certain precincts.

Welcome to Virginia… Home of the #ResignToo Movement!