A Basic Introduction to Q & The Great Awakening

Honestly, I am not sure exactly what I had googled when I first stumbled upon information about QAnon. I had briefly heard it was a conspiracy theory, but being an open minded person I then wanted to know what the conspiracy was since it accidentally appeared on my computer screen.

I viewed it as entertainment at first and was simply curious about what the story was all about. After observing several “Q-drops”, “decodes”, and “Q-proofs” unfold, I became intrigued. In short, that’s how I ended up “down the rabbit hole” or “red-pilled” as QAnons say since they use many references from movie The Matrix.

First let me clarify that this article is simply meant to be a basic introduction. Think of it as a flash light for those of you interested in taking a quick peek into this underground world. When I searched, I had trouble finding written information explaining how to navigate the websites and resources. I am simply trying to save you some of the hassle of randomly bumping into things and trying to piece them together as I did.

Also this is not meant to be a political argument about Republicans vs. Democrats because despite what you may have heard Q is actually trying to unite us all. The QAnon movement has spread across multiple countries and is not just in the United States.

I will leave you to determine your own beliefs… because quite honestly some of this stuff goes deep. Simply try to keep an open mind, look for facts and evidence – or Q-proof – as they are called – and then decide for yourself.

What is Q?

According to documentation on key websites, Q is a team of high ranking officials who “serve at the pleasure of the president.” It has been stated that “less than 10 can confirm who or what Q is” and that “only three are non-military.”

Q posts “information to awaken the public to sensitive and important events or “happenings” that the media may or may not report on, and to provide insider context.” These posts are commonly referred to as Q-posts. Q-drops or breadcrumbs. They are posted on an internet forum called 8chan, which is not for the faint of heart. The information can be viewed on these four more user-friendly websites:

The first time Q posted was on October 28, 2017 and there have since been over 2,000 posts. The posts are worded in a cryptic manner so as not to violate national security laws. More information on Q can be found in the following PDFs:

Q The Basics

Q The Basics Outline

Anons, Patriots, Shills, Memes & MSM

“Anons” or “QAnons” are terms that refer to the numerous anonymous everyday citizens that discuss, research, and post information on the internet forum. They try to decipher the meaning behind the Q-posts and often refer to each other as Patriots.

There is a complicated method of decoding abbreviations, dates and time stamps using a Q-Clock and numerology called gematria. Those skilled in attempting to decode this information are sometimes referred to as autists. The President’s Twitter account plays an important role in all of this also.

One of the challenges that the QAnon movement faces is with credibility. As mentioned many Q-posts are somewhat cryptic and written in code. They are trying to point people in the direction to research and uncover certain information. Since individual people or QAnons are decoding and interpreting these messages, there are often various interpretations and predictions and needless to say not all of them are correct.

I would strongly encourage you to read the Q-Drops directly. This way you can see what the actual message states. Then review some popular interpretations and do your own research. There are there are many YouTube channels and Twitter Feeds dedicated to discussing this narrative. Q encourages you to “research for yourself” and draw your own conclusions. “Think for yourself.”

Excerpt from Q-Drop 2683 – 10 Feb 2019

Another acronym you will commonly see is MSM, which stands for Main Stream Media. One of the main purposes of Q is to bypass the main stream media outlets because the “truth belongs to the people.”

As far as censorship is concerned, it is real. I, personally, have had a Twitter account shut down and another one that was locked. In both cases I had posted less than 100 Tweets and no swear words or offensive content was posted. I did however post links back to certain truthful articles on this ChangeChesapeake.com website.

Also worth mentioning is that memes, graphics and pictures have become a large part of how QAnons communicate because they are more difficult for computer algorithms to sort and censor this information.

Shills or trolls are terms used to describe those who try to discredit or distract QAnon researchers. There accounts of what appear to be QAnon enthusiasts who seek to deliberately try to discredit Q, confuse the narrative and discourage people from following.

Q-Drop 3349 – 26 May 2019


The truly interesting part is observing when Q-drops are decoded in advance and then can be backed up by evidence. They are then called Q-Proofs. Solving the puzzles and deciphering the clues kind of hooks you in, and there is a sense of justification that you “knew first” when they are validated. One of the phrases commonly used to describe this is “past proves the future”. There are hundreds of Q-Proofs now that can be viewed https://www.qproofs.com/

The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening refers to people “waking up” and beginning to search for the truth. It involves keeping an open mind, questioning what you have been previously taught and educating others. In essence, it a public enlightenment of the truth… including all of it’s deep, dark secrets.

It also means waking up to the fact that we have been divided. We have been divided by race, class, political affiliation, and religion. Q encourages us all to join together as “Patriots have no skin color.” As humans, we need to come together as “where we go one, we go all.”

What Exactly is Down the Rabbit Hole?

The rabbit hole is very interesting to say the least. I thought it was all just about politics at first. There is a large focus of information relating to that topic. There is even a Q’s who-is-who on political players indicating opinions on who is a “white hat” and who has ties to the “deep state” or “cabal.” No one expects you to believe these labels blindly. Click on the “Q-posts button” under each person’s name to reference the Q-Drops associated with that individual. Research and then make your own determination if there is any validity.

Notice that there are players popularly labeled as “Republican” and “Democrat” that fall on both ends of the spectrum. There is corruption and patriotism on both sides of the aisle. The underlying principle of the QAnon movement is to breakup corruption, expose the truth, and restore integrity into our political system.

Fortunately, the clean up effort has been underway for awhile and there is a large database of sealed indictments and resignations.

Human Trafficking

A critical topic that QAnon focuses on is human trafficking. Most people are aware of the pedophilia issues relating to the church. The Nxivm trial proves that there are strange sex cults going on in Hollywood. This is a dark and disturbing topic that has deep international roots. Politicians are involved. You can view a spreadsheet of arrests by clicking on “Trafficking Arrests.”

Human trafficking is happening in Virginia. The local news is not reporting on this topic. For example, as recently as May 3, 2019 a multi-state operation called “Operation Southern Impact III” happened where 82 people were arrested and 17 children were rescued. You can find the list of people who were arrested in Georgia, but I still have yet to see the names of the people in Virginia who were arrested.

Operation Southern Impact II took place on March 16, 2018 and also slipped by without proper recognition to the hundreds of law officers and multiple agencies involved in executing this complicated mission.

Here is another particularly disappointing headline for Virginia. Muller’s star witness, George Nadar, has just been indicted for CHILD poronography charges on June 3, 2019.

Politico then revealed he was convicted in 1986 in a federal court in Northern Virginia in 1991 on a felony charge of transporting sexually explicit materials in foreign commerce – importing child pornography from overseas.

Google, Facebook, Twitter & Your Privacy

Are they spying on you?


At the very least, it may be worth checking out what Q has to say about aliens. Did you see the recent article in The Virginian Pilot?

The Virginian Pilot - May 30, 2019
The Virginian Pilot – May 30, 2019

*A word of caution… the UFO disclosure is a strange topic. Some QAnons theorize that there may be a “false” disclosure of aliens by the main stream media designed to create a public panic and distract the public from a more important disclosure. This is at least Jordan Sather’s personal theory.

President Donald J. Trump

People have strong feelings toward President Donald J. Trump. I will admit that I was confused when he was first elected. At this point, many people will simply ignore everything I tried to explain about QAnon because Trump’s name is associated with it.

I simply suggest that you explore Q yourself, and try to keep an an open mind. Read the Q-posts directly as all QAnon interpretation are not accurate. Skeptically observe and determine for yourself if there is any validity to this “conspiracy theory.”

The reality is that Trump did not create Q. In fact, the opposite happened…

Q chose Donald J. Trump.

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